Electrical Panels

Electrical Panels

We believe in utilizing the abundant resources nature provides to power our world. Whether it's the sun's radiant energy through solar panels or the wind's tireless whispers through turbines, Renergent Energy designs custom panels that capture and convert these resources into reliable, sustainable electricity.

Here are types of Panels we Design

Sheet Steel Panels

Renergent Energy’s sheet steel electrical panels go beyond just housing your electrical system. They actively optimize its performance with features like:

  • Power factor correction: Say goodbye to wasted energy and inflated bills. Our panels integrate harmonic filters and capacitor banks, boosting your power factor for reduced energy consumption and lower electricity costs.
  • Seamless synchronization: Eliminate flickering lights and unstable power. Our panels expertly synchronize multiple generators or renewable sources, ensuring consistent, reliable power output for smooth operation.
  • Automatic or manual changeover: Never let an outage stop you. Our panels provide seamless switching between power sources, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation even during unexpected disruptions.

Socket Combination Units

Renergent Energy offers versatile Socket Combination Units that cater to a range of needs. Featuring both breaker-equipped and breakerless configurations, these rugged units accommodate industrial-grade sockets with IP54 to IP67 weatherproofing. Choose from single or multi-socket layouts to efficiently power your equipment, and enjoy clear indication lights for real-time status monitoring. Whether you require manual switching or seamless automatic changeover between power sources, our customizable units keep your operation running smoothly.

Portable Extension Units

Conquer any power challenge with Renergent Energy’s versatile Portable Extension Units. Choose from an array of configurations, with or without breakers, to perfectly match your needs. Rugged IP54 to IP67-rated industrial sockets (220V AC and 220V DC options available) withstand harsh environments, while earth leakage protection and clear indication lights ensure maximum safety and transparency. Whether you need manual switching or seamless automatic changeover, these units keep your operation powered up, wherever you go.

Solid Rubber Portable Units

Don’t settle for ordinary. Choose Renergent Energy’s Solid Rubber Portable Units, crafted with exclusive Walther Werke, Chint, and Schneider products. Experience a new level of resilience, sophistication, and performance, a step above the rest.

Local Control Station

Combining timeless elegance with unmatched durability, our Local Control Stations (LCS) feature premium Hensel boxes. These high-quality enclosures add a touch of sophistication to your space while providing exceptional protection for your controls.

Protection Class II

Our Protection Class II panels are built to last, exceeding industry standards for durability and outlasting the competition.

We don’t compromise on toughness. Renergent Energy’s Protection Class II panels withstand the harshest environments, leaving other brands in the dust.

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